Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Updated 17th March 2020


Further to the announcements yesterday and guidance from England Athletics that can be found here, we are cancelling all scheduled training sessions and events with immediate effect and until the end of April at least.


This affects all organised training sessions including those at the Loughborough University track and HIPAC on a Monday and Wednesday and sessions held at the Saffron Lane track. In addition the two Charnwood AC Open events on the 4th and 22nd April are also cancelled. There is a further notice on this being posted on the Charnwood AC Opens Facebook group soon.


Please continue to follow public health guidance. If you have any questions for Charnwood AC please use and we will respond as soon as we are able.


Any further communications will be via email, on the club website and posted on the club Facebook group as well.


Take care of yourselves and your families. We hope you are all safe and remain so.