COVID Training and Booking

This page details the limited training and guidance available to Charnwood AC members for a return to training at the Paula Radcliffe stadium, Loughborough University.

Athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers must not come to the track if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, have had contact with someone who has presented the symptoms within the last 14 days or are otherwise unwell for any other reason. Please stay at home and follow the relevant government guidance.

If you have any questions about the training options available, or guidance and operating procedures then please get in contact with the club here.

This guidance document sets out the operating procedures for all Charnwood AC user groups when using the Loughborough University Paula Radcliffe stadium.


This guidance may change at short notice and it is the athlete, coach, volunteer and parent’s responsibility to ensure they have read the latest published guidance.

Failure to adhere to any of the guidance, or ad-hoc instructions from coaches, club volunteers or university staff will result in you being sin-binned and unable to book another session for 2 weeks, as well as cancellation of any sessions already booked.

This guidance was last updated 29th September 2020


As part of our risk assessment we are no longer taking cash for training.


As a club we want to look at other subscription based models going forwards but for now we are accepting contactless card payments.


There is an additional fee for each cashless transaction and this, along with the restrictions in numbers for training, means that we must charge £3.50 per session for training in order to cover our costs.

Coaching Group Slots

The number of slots available will change as bookings are made. The numbers below are the maximum available and won't update based upon bookings. After 6pm on the day before a session, un-booked places will start to be allocated to the waiting list so the number of places available will reduce from those indicated below




In order to train, you must book a slot by 4pm on the day of the session, we cannot take bookings later than this. When booking you will be asked for the following information:


  • Name [First Name, Family Name]

  • Contact Mobile number (*)

  • Membership Number - for over 11s and first claim athletes

  • Coaching Group / Slot requested


(*) It is essential that you give us a contact number that will allow for immediate contact, this must be the parent if the athlete is under 18. If the need arises we will call this number and allow that family contact to come onto the track.


Slots will open for booking 7 days before the session. 


Your booking is only confirmed when you receive an email back from the club to say so.


If you cannot make a slot that you have booked then you must tell us before the session takes place. Please email as soon as you know you cannot make it. We understand that things happen to change your plans, but please do not make speculative bookings. This limits the chances for other club members and will be monitored.


If you fail to turn up for a booking without telling us beforehand then you will be sin-binned and unable to book another session for 2 weeks, as well as cancellation of any sessions already booked.