YDL Dates for 2020

The UK Youth Development League is the primary track and field competition that Charnwood AC enter for the U13, U15, U17 and U20 age groups. The teams are structured into both Lower Age Group and Upper Age Group teams (as below) and compete in 4 matches. The first 3 matches determine league position and the fourth is a promotion/relegation match and in the case where we are in the Midlands Premier Division (Upper Age Group currently) then a Regional Final with the potential to progress to the National Final.

Charnwood AC regularly punches above its weight competing with larger clubs (such as Birchfield or Notts AC) and we are rightly proud that both age group teams have regularly been in the premier division.

This year we would really like the Lower Age Group to get promoted back to the top level and for the Upper Age Group to remain there. We need all athletes to include these key match dates in their training and competition plans.

Please get in contact with the YDL team managers to make sure they know what events you want to do, or would do if pushed! The teams that win are those that compete in as many of the events as available - more events mean more points.


The Lower Age Group (U13/U15, school years 6&7 and 8&9) will be competing in Midlands Division North/East 1A against Amber Valley, City of Stoke, Derby AC, Mansfield, Royal Sutton Coldfield and... Saffron AC.


Match dates as follows:

Sat 16th May at Derby

Sat 6th Jun at Derby

Sat 18 Jul at Loughborough

Sat 8th Aug Promotion match at Solihull


The Upper Age Group (U17/U20, school years 10&11 and 12&13) will be competing again in the Midlands Premier North/East division against Birchfield, City of Stoke, Notts AC, Rugby & Northampton and a composite team of Coventry Godiva/Leamington C&AC.


Match dates as follows:

Sun 26th April at Rugby

Sun 24th May at Coventry

Sun 21st June at Loughborough

Sun 26th July - Regional Final or N/E Promotion match

YDL Team Manager contacts

Lower Age Group Email (charnwood.ydl.lower@gmail.com)

Upper Age Group Email (uagydlcharnwood@gmail.com)