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National XC relays, 2019

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Berry Hill Park, Mansfield

Charnwood AC's athletes took part in the National Cross Country Relays, putting in some fine performances despite atrocious weather conditions.

Charnwood AC's athletes took part in the National Cross Country Relays, held at Berry Hill Park Mansfield last Saturday (2 November) and put in some fine performances despite atrocious weather conditions.

The Under 13 boys 'A' were 62nd from 79 finishing complete teams, with Finlay Martin in 8 minutes 02 seconds, James Norman in 9:12 and Miles Foord in 8:36.95, and the 'B' team 64th with Dan Oakland 8:09.30, Harry Blewett-Jenkins 8:40.60 and Harry Adamski 9:05.20

The Under 13 girls 'A' achieved 41st from 84 complete finishing teams with Chelsie Locker in 9:12.35, Florrie Mitchell 9:05.40 and Savana Smith 8:12.50 with the 'B' team of Erin Suart 9:24, Maisie Orgill 10:52.65 and Amelina Panni 10:18.35 in 79th.

43rd spot from 86 complete teams for the Under 15 boys, comprising Tom Dixon in 7:10.50, Sam Haines 8:22.70 and Harry Foord 8:12.20, and 51st from 98 complete teams for the Under 15 girls with Isabel Oakland 8:24.45, Demi Locker 8:44.25 and Isabel Edwards 9:03.75, with the 'B' team of Charli Sampson 9:37.10, Alice McDermott 10:20.90 and Abigail Cook 11:14.45 in 94th.

The Under 17 men 'A' were 28th from 82 finishers, with Seamas Hurst in 9:56.25, Jamie Day in 10:19.60 and Ryan Elston 10:12.20 with the 'B' team of Max Potter 10:29.10, Luca Michalowski 12:04.50 and Lucas Wolf-Pudney 11:16.50 in 67th, while the Under 17 women 'A' achieved one of the best placings of the day in 14th from 49 with Lexie McLoughlin in 9:38.40, Gemma Newport 10:15.55 and Olivia Bonshor 10:03.25 The 'B' team of Alice Walton 10:24.45, Grace Perkins 12:43.90 and Charlotte Carp 14:31.50 were 48th.

Another good finish this time from the Junior Men 'A' for 12th place from 44 with Dan Maud in 9:29.40, Kieren Coleman-Smith in 9:31.65 and Ethan O'Shea 9:21.25. Luke Nuttall also ran well in 9:30.95 as an incomplete 'B' team.

The Junior Women though claimed the club's joint best performance on the day with 8th place from 27 in the shape of Amy Hammersley in 9:22.35, Eleanor Here 9:35.50 and Mia Atkinson 9:42.10.

62nd place from 161 complete finishers for the Senior Men 'A' with Stephen Mears 18:28.30, Tom Whitmore 18:20.75, D. Locker 21:20.05 and Paul Harmer 20:11.70

Another fine 8th finish for the Senior Women 'A' from 127 finishers to equal the Junior Women achievement, with Katie Lomas 11:37.85, Gemma Steel 10:46.05 and Juliet Potter 10:50.25
Hollie Elliott 12:13.65 and Madeleine Lomas 15:09.55 ran as an incomplete 'B' team.

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