Club Records

Under 13s Track and Road Records

Our records have been pulled together from verifiable sources; we use Power of 10 where results are subject to the right level of timekeeping, measuring and officiating. We will only include data from Power of 10 going forwards, so please make sure that you are registered with that site - it's also important as this is the data that our team managers use to select teams.


We're really proud of all the great performances by our club members over the years and are keen to make sure we have taken all reasonable care to have the most accurate information possible. We recognise we might have missed something so, if you can add further information to any of our records, if you know of an improved performance or if you think you may have broken one of these records then please contact our club statistician on this email address:

U13 Boys
U13 Girls

We have sourced these records from data held and maintained by Charnwood Athletic Club, and from publically available sources (Power of 10 website). If at any time you would rather we did not publish your name, or that of your child, on these records pages then please get in touch with us using our Contact Us page.