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Track Guide


Athlete Safety on the Track


The following guidance has been agreed to ensure the safety of all athletes using the track. Please make sure you have read and understood these points and refer any questions to your coach in the first instance.

•    No training is EVER more important than the safety of all athletes
•    Look both ways before crossing the track or other lanes
•    Look out for others on the track – don’t get in the way of lanes being used for hurdles, steeplechase or relay practice
•    When approaching other slower moving athletes, move to the RIGHT and overtake safely and then move back to the inside lane
•    If it is TOO DANGEROUS to overtake safely then SLOW DOWN
•    Never run with more than two athletes side by side unless overtaking and move back when overtaking is completed
•    Don’t stop suddenly on the track
•    When slowing or stopping, look to step off to the inside of the track safely
•    Athletes should NOT shout "TRACK" when passing other athletes
•    "TRACK" should ONLY be shouted as an emergency WARNING to save a dangerous collision
•    Warming up and cooling down should be done in outside or unused lanes, and never in lanes 1 and 2
•    Warming up and cooling down is the only time that athletes may run in a clockwise direction (the opposite way to training and racing)
•    Spikes must NOT be worn in the clubhouse or university pavilion
•    Coaches will share their session plans with other coaches to help everyone to use the track safely

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