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Charnwood AC Kit

Charnwood AC members are required to wear the official Charnwood AC kit when competing for Charnwood AC. Our kit is the green and gold club vest (male or female styles) plus (green) shorts. This kit can be purchased from the clubhouse at the Loughborough University track, we retain a stock of most/all sizes as best as we can.

In addition Charnwood AC club members can also buy other items of kit that help identify us as Charnwood AC. Please always support any athlete wearing the club colours, whether you know them or not.

The club has recently changed the style of the club hoodies that all club members can wear, and with the weather turning towards winter now is the time to be thinking of buying this year's new look!

The price for a hoodie is £26 and these can be purchased from the clubhouse at the Loughborough University track. 

You can personalise your hoodie for an extra £1.50 with your name on the back. Please fill in this form and bring it with you to the cllubhouse along with full payment and your current membership card.

hoodie back.png

As we approach the winter season and colder weather, the club have decided to further subsidize the following items of kit.

Discounts on training jackets. All our training jackets are now available for £10 each.


We are interested in providing the opportunity for our club members to recycle/reuse high quality second hand items of kit. Please consider donating these to the club (once you’ve washed them) and we will find a good home for them.

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