Running, Middle distance & Endurance

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Middle Distance

We have a number of training groups for all age groups and abilities across the club, supported by 10 coaches. We have the group for you! Each group has a slightly different emphasis and we will try and make sure all athletes are in a group that matches their wishes and needs, though ultimately this is an athlete/coach decision as to which group is best.

You can contact any of these coaching groups though our site contact form here.

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8yrs +

We would recommend that anyone starting athletics at a young age joins our fundamentals group however we do know that some people just want to run! We have a junior running group who train at the track on a Monday and a Wednesday. Lead coaches - Madeleine Lomas, Sarah Gostelow

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11 - 16 (approx)

With a focus on developing an efficient running style, aerobic and anaerobic endurance, and building an understanding of racing on the track and cross-country, this group has a long history of developing runners and success at local, county and regional levels. Athletes in this group typically run 800m / 1500m / 3000m on the track and compete in longer distance (3k+) cross country races. Training on a Monday and Wednesday at the track, and off road on a Sunday. Lead coach Derrick Green

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Focused on 400 / 800 / 1500 / 3000m (along with hurdles/steeplechase variants) this group trains on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday both and off the track depending on session and stage of the season. Incorporates strength & conditioning work, tempo runs, intervals, hills and longer runs; this group are typically running faster times at this stage of their development.  Lead coach Alison Wyeth, Paul Bradshaw

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14+ through to Seniors & Masters

Covering distances from 400m to marathons and beyond, including long hurdles and steeplechase. This group trains off track on a Monday and Saturday, on the track on a Wednesday and often meets up on a Sunday for a longer easy run. Lead coach Roger Francks

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Seniors and Masters

Endurance and distance focused training.