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Saucony English Cross-Country Relays 2018

3 November, Berry Hill Park, Mansfield

No medals this time for Charnwood AC’s athletes but some sterling performances nonetheless up against England’s best at the National Cross Country Relays held at Berry Hill Park Mansfield on Saturday 3 November.


The under 13 girls ‘A’ finished 30th out 88 complete teams, with Savana Smith 7:37.0, Gracie-Rose Walters 8:03.75 and Emilia Unwin 8:50.15

The ‘B’ team came 86th with Alice McDermott 9:18.4, Amy Blythe 9:37.1 and Mia Sutton 9:20.2


57th place from 88 finishers for the under 13 boys with Harry Foord 7:38.85, Jake Blythe 8:42.85 and Daniel Oakland 8:04.45

Sam Haines 7:38.4 and Harry Blewett-Jenkins 8:15.15 ran as an incomplete ‘B’ team.


The under 15 girls claimed 48th spot from 96 finishers, with Gemma Newport 8:04.7, Lucy Morrison 8:09.15 and Amelie McCann 7:49.65

The ‘B’ team came 70th with Olivia Bonshor 7:43.95, Isabel Oakland 8:17.4 and Mar Ruiz-Monserrat 9:01.65

Isabel Edwards ran as an incomplete ‘C’ team in 8:22.65


26th from 93 finishers for the under 15 boys ‘A’ with Alex Coleston-Shields 6:33.8, Sean McCann 7:04.75 and Colin Foord 7:10.7, and 78th for the ‘B’ team of Max Potter 6:58.65, Ethan Day 8:08.15 and Luca Michalowski 7:28.8

Luke Talbot ran as an incomplete ‘C’ team in 7:29


The under 17 women ‘A’ claimed 19th from 59, with Mia Atkinson 8:37.6, Laura Aryeety 9:56.1 and Lily Gregory 10:20.4


4th place from 75 finishers for the under 17 men ‘A’ team of Kieren Coleman-Smith in 8:54.2, Vinnie Dawson 9:27.25 and Ethan O’Shea 9:17.65

The ‘B’ team of Luke Nuttall 9:11.75, Jamie Day 10:04.55 and Ryan Elston 9:37.8 came 21st, and the ‘C’ team of Marcus Francis 9:43.6, Seamas Hurst 10:19.9 and Lucas Wolf-Pudney 10:46.75 51st.


In the Junior Women’s race, 9th place from 24 finishers for the trio of Eleanor Here 9:06.3, Aimee Seager 9:34.3 and Amy Hammersley 9:17.25


A late illness withdrawal meant that the Junior Men had to run as an incomplete team, with Ollie Rouse 8:53.5 and Fergus McCauliffe 9:46.0


The Senior Women’s ‘A’ team finished 29th from 116 finishers, with Elsie Butler 10:32.05, Natalie Egginton 11:35.15 and Katie Lomas 11:08.75

Louise Richmond 12:45.1 and Catherine Tinker 12:54.3 ran as an incomplete ‘B’ team.


In the Senior Mens race, there was 63rd place from 153 finishers for the quartet of Tom Whitmore 16:48.35, Gary Burnett 17:53.3, Stephen Mears 16:50.15 and Nick White 20:39.6

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