On Sunday 10th March the Leicestershire and Rutland Dome Challenge took place at Sir Jonathan North Community College.  Young athletes competed in 4 events, a sprint, middle distance run, chest throw and standing jump.  Charnwood Athletes put on a fantastic performance, showing great team spirit and coming away with 11 of the possible 23 medals.

Special mention must go to the year 4 boys team who managed a clean sweep with Bailey Dobbs (1st), Owen Spooner (2nd) and Billy Crouch (3rd). 


George Measures worked hard to win the Year 3 boys title and year 3 girls weren’t going to let the side down with a second-place finish from Fab Saunders-Lucas followed by Molly Porter (4th), Shae Hanrahan (7th), Elizabeth Brauer (8th) and Freya Jackson (9th). 


The year 4 boys complemented their 1,2,3  with Oscar Trimingham (5th), Henry Demello-Leitao (8th) and Ben Nzam-Taylor (10th).  Year 4 girls produced another winner with Courtney Harvey (1st) followed by Rebecca Wilkie (4th), Frankie Castledine (5th) and Grace Morris-Clarke (7th).   


Year 5 boys put out a strong team with finishes from Zak Lauda (6th), Jojo Nznan-Taylor (7th), Alex Cumis (8th), Kyle Long (9th), Jude French (10th), Isaiah Bentley-Gouldston (11th), Finlay Day (14th) and Josh Porter (15th).  Year 5 girls were not to be outdone with 3rd place taken by Erinn Mushrow, closely followed by Alexandra Nathaniel (7th), Caitlyn Brooks (13th), Ruby O Connor (14th), Chloe Summers (16th) and Natasha White (18th). 


This was followed up with strong performances from the year 6 boys with Anthony Cimus (2nd), Sam Spooner (3rd), Skander Watson (5th), Alex Carne (7th) and Aiden Seed (8th). The year 6 girls rounded it up with a first-place finish from Alesia Demello-Leitao and third place taken by Kaitlin Coulson.  These were followed by Chelsea Locker (5th), Saskia Demello-Leitao (8th) and Bella Saunders-Lucas (9th).


With such a good all round performance from the 40 athletes, the season is looking very promising.