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Sportshall 2019 - Round 1

5th October 2019, Gateway College Leicester


In the first match of the 2019/20 Leicestershire Sportshall competition, Charnwood AC had a team of 42 athletes and started strongly with the U11s combined and U13s combined in 1st place, with the U15s combined team in 2nd.


The U11 Boys team of Mali Linvel-Thomas, Zak Lauder, Jojo Nznan-Taylor, Charlie Carol, Bailey Dobb, Owen Spooner & Oliver Pickering came 1st.

The U11 Girls team of Claudia Kelleway, Erinn Mushrow, Caitlyn Brooks, Alexandra Nathanie, Jasmine Sampson, Millie Shiel, Sophie Parmar & Rebecca Wilkie came 1st.

The U13 Boys team of Sam Spooner, Skanda Watson, Harry Carrott, Mckenzie Marshall, Harry Adamski, Eammon Jille, Jake Brown &
Elliott Taylor came 2nd.

The U13 Girls team of Saskia Demello-Leitao, Alesia Demello-Leitao, Kaitlin Coulson, Chelsie Locker, Khara Bowley-Williams, Hattie Herbert & Evie Donnelly came 1st.

The U15 Boys team of Joel Bevilacqua-Masunda, Kaelin Watson, Archie Bryan, Finnley Mushrow, Emlyn Brown & Alfred Waweru came 3rd.

The U15 Girls team of Georgie Sorby, Charli Sampson, Lauren Cherry, Katie Summers, Gracie-Rose Walters & Ruby Weston came 2nd.

Full results can be found here.

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